Hey there! I'm


I'm a farm girl through and through. I come from a long line of farmers which has instilled a mantra of hard work creates amazing growth. I believe in putting in the work and passion to create beautiful things! So much so that I married into another family of farmers! My husband Mike and I have the same philosophy of chasing dreams and creating a legacy of family and love. 

I've been a creative and lover of pretty things for as long as I can remember. I was the kid in class that doodled on her chemistry notes with beautiful flowers and ponies galloping across my notebooks. I even went into college and earned by Bachelor's degree in Art! Photography is something I have always been passionate about - so becoming a wedding photographer has been the ultimate dream! 

As a professional photographer I believe in cultivating and growing a relationship that blooms into an exciting and unforgettable wedding experience. Let's be friends and create together!! 

What makes me...me! 

My childhood pony (Kiss) was in my wedding! Horses have been a HUGE part of my life. I was a horse girl the moment I entered this world. I've ridden and trained with top professionals in the hunter, jumper, and eventing world. My other job is running my own small farm and training horses on the side! 

I'm a horse girl

I'm pretty sure I haven't gone a single day without having at least a sip. Oh my.  

I'm mildly obsessed with

Dr. Pepper

Okay not literally, but our apartment is often referred to as a zoo. We have 3 dogs, a pig, bearded dragon, betta fish, and 3 birds. I also had a hedgehog who recently passed away (R.I.P. sweet Pickle!)

I live in a 


Mike is my best friend. He's my ROCK. Through thick and thin he is my largest supporter and biggest influence in my life. I'm not sure where I would be without him! Love you, babe!!

My husband is my



Always hungry. Always happy.
Squeals often. Takes over insta. 


Best cuddler. Chewer of toys.
Instant best friend. 


Often found under the desk. Arranger of printer paper. Master of unplugging the lamp.


Licker of...everything. Loud borks. Belly rubs. 

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