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Some Introductions…


March 21, 2019


I figured since I was getting back into this whole blogging game that I would make a post introducing myself with some fun facts! As a wedding photographer I find that is so important to establish a good relationship with my clients. A lot of times if we have something in common it makes the experience more fun and comfortable!

  1. I love animals. That’s a given if you know me but I have always had a menagerie. Currently I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, a pig, beta fish, and a parakeet. In the past I’ve also had a bearded dragon, hedgehog, sugar gliders, cockatiel, rabbits, and a number of other horses.
  2. I am currently pregnant with a baby GIRL! She is due July 3rd.
  3. My husband Mike and I have known each other since kindergarten, but we didn’t really connect until we saw each other at a frat party in college. HAH!
  4. I actually had a crush on him my junior year of high school and embarrassed myself by telling him stories about my pet mice…he still jokes about this…
  5. I went to Radford University and earned my degree in Art Education, however I haven’t used that teaching license yet.
  6. My husband and I run a mobile bar business on the back of a 65’ Chevrolet called The Watering Hole. You can find more info about it at
  7. I am a neat freak. I wasn’t always one, but once I had an apartment to myself in college something in my head clicked. Especially with the number of animals I have in my house – I REALLY like to clean. It sparks joy. Marie Kondo is my hero.
  8. I’m an avid journaler and planner happy person. I’ve struggled with mental illness and these 2 things have been my savior besides my husband.
  9. I struggle with body positivity and I’ve been actively working on that! Being pregnant has definitely changed how I feel about my body. It’s still hard considering I’m gaining weight rather than losing but the end result is SO worth it <3
  10. I teach riding lessons to kiddos and train horses on the side. It’s a lot of work with little pay but I really love it.
  11. My pig lives indoors. This usually surprises people but she is potty trained, just like the dogs. And she is CLEAN.
  12. We live in a small 800 sq. ft. apartment on Mike’s family Dairy Farm. It’s heaven and I love it.
  13. I have this running trend with my animals that their names start with “P”. A lot of people have joked that our daughter’s name would also follow  – but nope! It starts with a “J” 😉
  14. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons! Fall especially.
  15. I love art of all kinds. I’ve been involved in music, theatre, painting, and of course photography all my life.
  16. I actually play guitar and ukulele! It’s been a while since I picked up either, but it is still something I love to do.
  17. My husband and I do this cheesy thing where we finish each others thoughts. Sometimes it freaks us out how alike we are, but I guess that comes with living in a tiny space together for 5 years!
  18. I’m a DIYer – I painted my work desk, dresser, and put together multiple house projects when I get overly ambitious. Pinterest is an inspirational addiction.
  19. I practiced developing my own film in college. This is one of my goals for my wedding business in the next few years. I would love to get back into it eventually. There is something so timeless and permanent about film.
  20. I’m a nerd at heart. I love super hero movies, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. My bearded dragon was named Drogo (then later changed to Khaleesi after we figured out her gender!!).



I hope these fun facts help to better get to know me! If we have something in common – reach out!! I’d love to hear from you!

Until then, I hope your day is bright.



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